Paw Patrol Paw Patroller BACK IN STOCK @ Tesco Direct & Amazon

Paw Patroller IN STOCK @ Tesco & Amazon

EDIT: The Paw Patroller keeps going in and out of stock at Tesco and at Amazon today. It looks like more stock is being added bit by bit so keep trying!

The Paw Patrol Paw Patroller is almost impossible to get hold of and there's been no UK stock for a while now. But the good news is that Tesco Direct have just got some in NOW, and Amazon keep adding more stock as well so move quickly and you can get one!

The Paw Patroller is one of this year's Top Toys for Christmas and it has been out of stock in all major UK retailers for a while now so if it's on your child's Christmas list this is your chance to get one!

It looks like this toy is going to be as hard to get hold of as the Snow Glow Elsa was last year so we will be keeping you all up to date as we find stocks in UK stores.

You can click and collect for free from Tesco, or home delivery will add a further £3 to your order. Amazon offer free delivery as this is over £20.

Stocks are low so hurry!

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  • tinkey1104

    Thank you so much for this!  Finally managed to order one for our son for Christmas - can't wait to see his little face!! Now just to find the cars..... :)

    • Mummymeasures

      Does anyone know which cars i need to get to fill the paw patroller? Thanks x

      • nadacolada

        I am not 100% sure on this one... even after reading about it. Found on the Canadian Toys R Us page here... It can store three when closed, but six when open? I hope it makes better sense to you than it does to me! 

        Nada :D

    • nadacolada

      Aww! We are glad you managed to get one for your son. There's nothing better than seeing little faces light up on Christmas Morning! :D

  • helo

    Anyone knows if they will have more?? Im so frustrated trying to find one for my son... He just asked me for this toy for christmas :( Thanks

    • admin

      We're watching this one everywhere! Not been seen for a while now but fingers crossed for more stock soon, we'll post as soon as we spot any!

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