Parents Threaten Legal Action After Boy Tells Classmates 'Santa Isn't Real'

Legal action threatened after boy tells classmates Santa isn't real

If you 'do' Santa in your house  - and I know lots of families who don't, but that's a post for another time - then you're bound to have wondered when is the right time to have *that* chat.

Some folks I know think it's important to disabuse their kids of the whole Santa thing (yes, I'm being deliberately ambiguous...)  before they reach an age where other children might tease them for believing, while others let the fun and tradition roll on indefinitely, never seeing the need to address the logistics of how one man could possibly make his way around the whole world in a single evening. (Duh, he has A LOT of helpers, obvs.)

But one American mum has had this entire conundrum brought front and centre after being threatened with a lawsuit after her son told his classmates that Santa isn't real. I kid you not.

The Huffington Post reports:

However this mum was not prepared for the backlash she received when her son decided to tell all his classmates there's no such thing as Santa. She claimed she received a "threatening" letter from a group of parents who wanted to sue her "due to emotional damage, flagrant disregard to parental rights, and facilitating the loss of innocence of child wonderment".

The boy, who is around six or seven years old and is in first grade at school in America, apparently took it upon himself to break the Santa news to a a bunch of other kids at school.

The boy's mum then took to Reddit where she posted about what happened next:

Last week my first grade son told a group of kids that Santa does not exist. Today via courier (not the mail), I received a rather threatening letter from a well-known, local, elite law firm threatening suit due to emotional damage, flagrant disregard to parental rights, and facilitating the loss of innocence of child wonderment. Yeah, seriously.

The letter also stipulates that the little boy must stay away from said children, who have apparently been 'traumatized' by his actions, and asserts that she should also pay for a 'Santa Experience' involving a hired Santa who will hand out presents at her expense, in lieu of legal action.

The woman, who says she is a single mum and cannot afford to seek legal advice, has since contacted the school to seek its help in resolving the matter. Let's hope they help sort this nonsense out.

So, how would you feel if someone else challenged your child's belief in Santa? And do you think this little boy's mum should be made to 'reverse the damage' he's caused and 're-spark the child like wonderment that surrounds the holidays'?! Come and share your views over on our Facebook page.

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  • Sacha86
    If only telling a lie got people into so much trouble these days. People really need to learn or be educated about the historical origins and beliefs based around Christmas. I really empathise with this woman and hope this gets sorted out with no repercussions to herself or son.
  • MrPT
    Most kids get the question raised from colleagues at school then return home for the parental right to either affirm the information or disway it with a lengthy explanation of how it all works for longer wonderment, that's their parental right kids will be kids both cruel and kind...good luck to the woman, personally I would suggest doing a good community samta experience together

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