Natur Boutique Tea Review

Six years ago I only drank two kinds of tea – rooibos and normal. Then someone pointed me at Green Tea and I loved it and then I started experimenting with all different types of tea. So it was rather exciting to get in a box of Natur Boutique teas to review.

The first box was for Green Tea Blend Diet. This is a blend of green tea, Java tea and liquorice. The blend is designed to stimulate the metabolism, burn fat and help you lose weight. I didn’t actually measure the tea against any personal weight loss when I used it though; I just rated it on taste.

And this Natur Boutique Green Tea blend is delicious. Usually I am not a fan of liquorice but this hints at it as opposed to beating you about the head with it. It is very refreshing and works fabulously as a mid-morning hydrating drink and doesn’t leave you with the same bloated lethargy as yet another cup of coffee.

The next tea up was Artichoke Tea. After reading the info this tea was something I had to take regularly as it oozes health benefits and helps with things like indigestion, digestion and IBS. But artichoke? I loathe them. How could I bring myself to drink the tea?

After about two weeks I forced myself to make a cup. It doesn’t have that overwhelming artichoke taste, has a lovely flavour and is very moreish. I was very surprised by this. I now have one cup every morning and love it.

There are some other flavours on the Natur Boutique site and the tea’s cost around £2.95 for a pack of 20 teabags. You can get three for £7.95. They are expensive compared to Tesco type herbal teas but really delicious and I have noticed a health difference. My husband says my skin glows! These would make a lovely Christmas treat I think.

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