M&S Christmas & Boxing Day Sales Start Today 12pm

M&S Christmas & Boxing Day Sales Start Today 12pm

M&S ChristmasIf you're still shopping for last minutes gifts, head over to M&S today after 12 noon for some fabulous savings. Obviously you're going to have to go in yourself to get anything under the tree for tomorrow though.

The M&S sale starts later today, and right now there's no confirmed end date, but we're guessing it's till the shelves are empty which shouldn't be too long with up to 50% off selected items.

Just so you know however, whatever's left by the 2nd of January will have up to 60% off, and from the 8th of January,  you'll be able to take an additional 60% further reductions until finally on the 15th of January, there'll be up to 70% off what's left.

It's a bit risky, however, if there's something you really want, to wait until the final sales, since there mightn't be anything left!

We'll be sure to keep an eye on the sales ourselves though, and let you know what's hot as and when we find it.


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