'Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Muggle' Harry Potter Christmas Jumper @ Boohoo

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Muggle Jumper

Hands up if you're a Harry Potter fan! Me, me, me! If you or someone you know is a big fan of all things Harry P then this jumper is a must.

Over at Boohoo you can grab yourself a Harry Potter Christmas Jumper, guaranteed to get you in the festive mood!

This fab jumper is just £15 and is available in either red, black or grey. It has the slogan 'Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Muggle' on the front in the iconic Harry Potter text.

It is available in two sizes, Small/Medium and Medium/Large. That equates to a UK 6-10 and a UK 12-16.

I am sure these are going to be a huge hit and start selling out, so make sure you grab one asap!

If you place an order before 9pm and enter the code BUYBUY you can get next day delivery for just £1.99 instead of £4.99.

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  • Corinne H.

    !!!!! They don't do them in maternity sizes!! :disappointed::disappointed:

  • Katie D.

    Im getting that!!!

  • Laura C.

    Love it xx

  • Rachel H.

    Just ordered it!

  • Ellie G.

    I need this in my life

  • Heather T.

    I'll start dropping hints to the kids in my class- teacher Xmas present wish :wink: xx

  • Sheena S.

    Love this

  • Joanne S.

    Love them x

  • Hayley B.

    definitely getting me one of those :heart_eyes: x

  • Katie C.

    this years jumper xx

    • Matt H.

      IM IN LOVE

  • Ally M.

    I want one

  • Nicola J.

    I want it so bad, in grey :heart_eyes:

  • Cathy B.


  • Claire G.

    Omg i need one x

  • Shireen S.

    Love it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Jade L.

    I've got one from last year! X

  • Jo M.


  • Teri C.

    I Xmas jumper for me!

  • Sophia B.

    Love it

  • Rachel W.

    i want this please!!!

  • Shane-Ruth L.

    Get one for Boxing Day :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Caroline D.

    I actually have this in the black lol

  • Cayleigh S.

    Oh my God love this eeeeekkkkk xxx

  • Julie M.

    Love it

  • Joyce F.

    OMG this is amazing i need this :joy::see_no_evil:

  • Aimee H.

    Love it :heart_eyes:

  • Shelley S.

    everything's gone Harry Potter crazy!!

    • Nichola L.

      I know I like it

  • Abigail C.

    Xmas and happy potter all in one jumper lol x

  • Toni F.

    Ha love it x

  • Kelly E.

    Got to get one! :smiley: x

  • Gayle M.

    Need one!!!!!x:santa:

  • Shanun M.

    I've had these for the last 2 Xmas'! :heart_eyes: xx

  • Lisa A.

    Haha brilliant xx

  • Sarah T.

    Oh my god I want this so bad!!

  • Sheena H.

    Yes. This is amazing! I want one.

  • Danielle M.

    I need it zz

  • Julianne C.

    Omg I need this.

  • Donna M.

    what a fab idea :heart_eyes:

  • Michelle W.

    Love it!

  • Debbie W.

    This is a must have :grin: xx

  • Áine F.

    Omg i need this

  • Francesca W.

    I need this!!!!!! X

  • Michele N.

    I need one lol

  • Louise C.

    This is is amazing, I need one :heart_eyes_cat::zap:

  • Sarah H.

    I'm so gunna look into getting one of these!

  • Claire T.

    Want :heart_eyes: lol xxx

  • Nikola G.

    Perfect for me :-) :-)

  • Kat H.

    Yes, I need this in my life!

  • Natasha G.

    Christmas and harry Potter xxx

    • Samantha G.

      Oh my word. Two of my most favourite things in the world :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xx

  • Liz W.

    I have a filthy animal one !!

  • Laura C.

    I need one in every colour!

  • Katherine E.

    So cool! Shame it's not in jacks size!!

  • Kathryn B.

    I think I'll be ordering one of these! x

  • Lara E.

    Love it! Xxx

  • Lara E.

    Thank you xx

  • Megan W.


  • Tina C.

    I am so getting this!!:joy:

  • Kimberly R.

    I soooo want this for Christmas :heart:

  • Lucy M.

    Surely it should say filthy mudblood???

  • Charlie H.


  • Stephanie B.

    I need that in my life

  • Jackie R.


  • Emily C.

    I want one! X

  • Melissa K.

    I want one

  • Anouska D.

    I want one!! X

  • Natalie S.

    Oh my god I want one!!

  • Emma D.

    I don't think they will fit me :(

  • Natalie S.

    15 isn't bad. Think I'll have a look later

  • Katie A.

    Filthy Muggles :joy::joy::joy:

  • Vicki-ellen G.

    This actually made me laugh out loud Haa xxx

  • Liz T.

    Two film sets rolled into one jumper! :)

  • Shelley H.

    Ooh I like. Xx

  • Abi M.

    Do it!! :ok_hand:

  • Samantha B.

    Omg!!! Hahaaaa

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