Maternity Best Present Ever Penguin Pyjamas £10 @ Mothercare

Maternity Best Present Ever Penguin Pyjamas £10 @ Mothercare

Oh these are seriously cute! If you are pregnant this Christmas, then you just have to get these Maternity Best Present Ever Penguin Pyjamas.

They are reduced from £20 to just £10, so snap grab a pair before they go back up in price.

The Maternity Best Present Ever Penguin Pyjamas consist of a Raglan style Top with a Mummy Penguin and a Baby Penguin on the front and Fair Isle Print Trousers Bottoms.

All four sizes are available: small, medium, large and extra large. They are made from 95% cotton and have a little stretch with 5% Elastane in.

You can Click and Collect the Maternity Best Present Ever Penguin Pyjamas for FREE from a Mothercare store or pay £3.95 to have them delivered to your front door.


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  • Kerri M.

    I don't know anyone else pregnant but how cute are these :heart_eyes: also spend all Xmas day in them before spending the next 10 year setting up toys :joy:

    • Lesley H.

      Aww these are so cute, love penguins ana:see_no_evil::joy: def be investing in a pair for Xmas! Not sure how big I will be for Halloween but trying to keep an eye out for tops for then too:see_no_evil::joy:xxx

      • Kerri M.

        They are! Google maternity Halloween costumes. There are some belters :joy: xx

        • Lesley H.

          I just ordered these pjs :see_no_evil::joy: bargain for a tenner.:thumbsup_tone2: thanks :kissing_heart:

          • Kerri M.

            Winter is the best time to be pregnant, you will get the use of them :joy: xx

            • Lesley H.

              Delighted :joy:xx

            • Jenn S.

              Wow! I must have these!!!! The baby shall be here by then but I'll still be a fatty!! Xx

              • Joanne M.

                Be great for Boxing Day even if you're not pregnant .... That extra room for the turkey curry & the roses tin :laughing::laughing:

                • Kayleigh C.

                  OMG :heart_eyes:

                  • Zoe S.

                    Ha ha I've just shared these x

                    • Orla M.

                      Aww how cute

                      • Cheryl D.

                        How cute :christmas_tree::santa_tone2:

                        • Paula M.

                          Awwwwww I love these :hugging:

                        • Sarah-jane B.

                          - get in early to avoid disappointment :joy::joy::joy:

                          • Stephen H.

                            I've seen worse Pj's in fairness

                            • Sarah-jane B.

                              Not quite ted baker though

                            • Jennifer B.

                              I had these in my hand a few weeks ago......but managed to stop myself!! Might have to go back now they're half price though :blush:

                              • Emma C.

                                these are so cute xx

                                • Alys M.


                                  • Nicholas B.

                                    Awwwww :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

                                    • Leanne F.

                                      Xmas gift idea :grin:

                                      • Victoria D.

                                        Oh my god those are adorable! :heart::heart:

                                        • Danielle C.

                                          Aw if only I saw these this time last year when I was expecting my December baby.

                                          • Maxine F.

                                            Love these! :heart_eyes:

                                            • Rebecca S.

                                              oh oh oh! thanks x

                                              • Clare B.

                                                Aw I LOVE Christmas pjs!

                                                • Kathryn G.

                                                  Oh man I need these!

                                                  • Michelle D.

                                                    Yeah Crimbo Pjs!!! sooo cute x and reduced!!!