The Maison-Bebe Jewellery Review

Maison-Bebe is a gorgeous website that sells a huge range of baby and childcare products that range from infants to kids and parents. They have an impressive range of items on the site and many of them sit at a decent price point. Maison-Bebe have just launched a new range of kids jewellery and I got a freshwater pearl bracelet in to review for our Christmas gifts guide.

The bracelet costs £8.99 and comes in an adorable presentation box that would make this an instantly beautiful christening or Christmas gift. The bracelet is actually made from freshwater pearls and you can get them in round or baroque designs. It is very pretty.

But is this really a gift for a child? I’m not sure. My daughter was given a stunning silver bracelet when she was a baby and we only allowed her to start wearing it when she turned six, and even at this age she isn’t that good at looking after things that precious. This bracelet easily fits and adult wrist as the elastic has some give, and can twist twice round my daughter’s wrist, which looks lovely.

The pearls are captivating, but I have always found pearls captivating. The way they catch the light, how silky they are, they are beautiful. The colours include purple, peach and white in soft tones that honestly are not carried by the picture, they are far softer and richer than the photograph shows.

The price point for this bracelet seems spot on for what you get. The only down side, for me, is that I am not sure when she would wear it as it seems too special for everyday use. Still, as Christmas gifts go, this would definitely be one for the girl who loves fashion.

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