Lilirose Chubby Rabbit From Kaloo Review

Christmas is coming and for the first time in my life I have friends with babies and toddlers and I’m thinking about presents for little people. A great provider for children’s goodies is Kaloo, and we happened upon a beautiful Lilirose Small Chubby Rabbit by Kaloo.

The first thing to tell you about Lilirose is that she is beautiful and that this is a gift that appeals to mums with very discerning taste as much as it will to their offspring.

The Lilirose Chubby Rabbit comes presented in a round matching gift box – I at first thought it was an old fashioned hat box. It oozes charm and class, and if you’re aiming to impress, opening this box to reveal Lilirose inside will hit the mark.

While that side of it is without a doubt stunning, the gift is still meant to be for a newborn or  baby, right, and the fact is that despite the array of soft toys an infant ends up with and rarely plays with, I would happily Freecycle all the toys in our home, but keep this one.

The Rabbit is so soft, I want to cuddle it and never let it go. It moulds into your body and is just so cuddly – I’m not even really sure that a baby or toddler would appreciate it, but mums will love that being their baby’s soft toy of choice.

Although the description calls this a small chubby rabbit, I don’t think it is. It’s 18cm, which for a baby or a toddler isn’t that small. There are also other fantastic items in the range, including a luxury bath set and super cute rabbit booties.

The downside? They are really expensive – at least for someone on my budget.  The booties aren’t too bad at £13.99, but the soft toy is £18.49.  It’s definitely worth it if you want to spoil someone, but considering how stunning the gift box is, I wouldn’t spend the extra £4.75 on gift wrapping, personally.

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