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Ok, so there is nothing more satisfying than getting your child interested in science. Well, I don’t think so anyway. I wish I had been given more encouragement in that department. So, when I got the Maps Toys Lab in A Bag I was verrry excited.

The Lab in a Bag that I got was the one entitled Come To Your Senses. This particular set is all about teaching kids about smells, tastes and, interestingly, genetics. It costs around £14.95 on Amazon and comes in a see-through resealable plastic bag.

Inside the bag you’ll find some large plastic test tubes, some tongue taste testers and a kazoo. You can also make a stethoscope using yarn and a wire hanger and find out why doctors tap your knees. My husband and daughter tackled the set while I made Christmas cakes.

The first thing I heard was a flurry of cackles from both of them as they unearthed the strips. A few minutes later I was handed one of these bitter strips and told to put it on my tongue. Urgh. It was foul! This made them both very excited. Why? Because if you can taste the bitterness, then you have a particular gene type that can taste the bitter aftertaste in veggies like broccoli.

How cool is that? It also explains why the two of them can hoover down such veggies while I have to hold my nose and force them down.

The rest of the kit was, according to my husband, not as good. He said that it could have come with more experimental stuff and that it wasn’t quite as comprehensive as he’d thought.

That said, however, I think the Lab in a Bag is worth the money and the time. Why? Because the two of them played with it for ages and ages and they both had great fun doing so. That makes it a hit in my books.

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