Kit Sound Music Muffs £4.99 @ Tesco Direct

I utterly love this deal. There is one thing I truly hate about winter and that’s how sore my ears get in the cold. I live for ear muffs. However, I also live for my phone so this makes a lovely compromise. I may buy these as my OWN stocking filler! Down to a lovely £4.99 at Tesco Direct they are fab.

Arrange for these to collect instore and you have free delivery on top of this low, low price. The next cheapest you can get musical ear muffs for is on Amazon for about £15 at the moment (that price changes rapidly so stay tuned). You can get these in black or pink but the pair here are a lovely bright pink.

I must be honest, these look really warm and I can already see myself going for my morning run with the ipod plugged in and my ears happily enjoying the music and the warmth. These would make fab stocking fillers for anyone who likes to rock while walking in the cold…

Thanks to mhudge at HUKD!

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