Kids Must Wear Safety Helmets In Nativity Play

Kids Must Wear Helmets In Nativity Play

These days, nativity plays can seem seriously far removed from the events that they're supposed to re-enact. But it's not just cultural changes that are playing havoc with the integrity of the traditional nativity play – Health & Safety also has a lot to answer for.

Kids involved in a nativity play in Wales have been told they'll have to wear helmets if they wish to perform their roles.

Wales Online reports:

Children taking part in a nativity in Neath are being told they will have to wear helmets because of health and safety fears.

This year’s Bridge Church children’s nativity will see Mary – representing The Bridge Church – and Joseph – representing Bethel Elim Church – riding into town on two donkeys on Saturday, December 9.

But the pair will be sporting an addition to the tale of Christmas, after organisers were told the kids needed to wear hard hats to not breach tough council rules.

I can't see any appropriate response to this beyond the snort of laughter I had to suppress when I first read about it. I get it, of course I do, and it makes sense that council officials have to tow the line when it comes to safeguarding community members. No-one wants to think of Mary or Joseph having to be carted off to hospital before the baby Jesus has even put in an appearance, on account of taking a tumble off a donkey.

But it is a bit bonkers, isn't it? We'd like to hear your thoughts on this story. If your child were taking part in a nativity and had to wear a helmet to comply with Health & Safety laws, would you see the funny side? Or do think it's a case of beaurocracy gone mad, and that exceptions should be made for something as special as a nativity play?

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  • Emily V.

    Omg wtf:joy::see_no_evil: it's just getting crazier and crazier x

    • Hayley N.

      Jezuz :rolling_eyes: literally lol x

  • Jenny C.

    Parents suing for every little thing has caused this. Can’t blame insurance companies for wanting to limit any potential liability!

  • Shirley W.

    They're riding threw town on 2 real donkeys .. yes they should do what if one gets startled and bucks up throwing kid will you laugh then ? It's a sensible idea

    • Shirley W.

      Plus I think you have to by law

  • Fiona G.

    I just read this :joy::joy::joy: think it would get a few giggles

  • Grace A.

    Wait, there's a real donkey in some people's nativity plays?

  • Colette L.

    Not health & safety "gone mad" but as has been startled, what if one of the donkeys gets started & throws the child off...child bangs head & has head injury...still health & safety "gone mad"??

  • Janet F.

    Don't see it as a problem should be able to hide it under the headdresses anyway so no one will see it and kids are protected. If a child has a riding lesson even on a small pony or donkey they would have to what's the difference

  • Miriam B.

    OK should have put in headlines they are on donkeys outside as that would be acceptable to wear helmet !

  • Sandra H.

    A hat sorry so a donkey is the same

  • Demi B.

    I thought of Isla :joy: maybe not just for the donkey! x

    • Megan W.

      Haha everyone around Isla must wear a helmet x

  • Claire R.

    This is what the nativity needs . We need a donkey :racehorse:

  • Carol M.

    Nothing mad about protecting children from possible harm or death!

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