How To Use Up All That Christmas Chocolate!

How To Use Up All That Christmas Chocolate!

It's Christmas Evening and you are drowning in a sea of Toblerone, Ferrero Rocher and Mars Celebrations. You can sit 'troughing' them from now until the middle of February, but the problem is the New Year is looming and you promised yourself that the diet would start from the 1st. Here are our solutions as what you can do with all that sugary goodness.

Eat it little by little

Enjoy a bit each day until it's gone. Like an Advent Calendar until the Spring. If you can do this then you have way more willpower than me.

Binge on it

This is the most popular choice. We sit each night and gluttonously devour box after box of chocolate, only to discover that our New Year's Eve dress can't zip up any more.

Be creative

Wrap those Ferrero Rocher in raw Cookie Dough and slam them in the oven to make delicious and naughty. Or my favourite is what we mischievously name 'Diabetes Traybake'. It's made at Christmas time and Easter. We melt down the oodles of excess chocolate, we have break in bits of Madeira Cake etc and make a traybake that beats no other. Honestly, you can't fail and you are left with a slab of heaven.

Donate it

We have seen years where we have ended up with 17, yes 17 tins of luxury biscuits from neighbours, relatives and so on. There are Food Banks up and down the country that are crying out for donations. If you think you have accumulated far too many goodies, then why not pass some on to those who have none.

Feed up those around you

Anyone that comes near your house has to be offered a Fox's Biscuit or a Green Triangle out of the Quality Street. Off loading the extra bits and bobs to folk that visit is a good way of looking generous and stopping your gluttony.

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  • Jennifer L.

    I thought left over chocolate was a old wives tale :grinning::dizzy_face::santa::pig:

  • Colette M.

    Too funny! Leftover chocolate! Pmsl!

  • Samantha P.

    What is this left over chocolate you speak of?

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