Gin Bottle Fairy Lights £19.06 @ Amazon

Gin Bottle Fairy Lights

So you have your gin baubles and your gin crackers, what else do you need this Christmas? Gin Bottle Fairy Lights of course! You can get these ultimate gin decorations from Amazon and John Lewis, and they are bound to sell fast so don't hang about!

Hang them on your tree, string them across the living room, or pop them up for your Christmas or New Year party.

You get 16 LED lights on a clear cable, and they are battery operated so you can pop them wherever you like without having to worry about finding a spare plug.

They'll go perfectly with your Gin Advent Calendar and your Gin Christmas Jumper too!

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  • Kirsty E.

    Only festive spirit you'll find me participating in!

  • Cathie M.

    Omg love this!!!! :blue_heart::blue_heart: Gingle all the way

  • Debbie H.

    But are they full with gin?

  • Jessica H.

    These are great ... Next year when I've got my new kitchen!! :raised_hands_tone1::raised_hands_tone1::raised_hands_tone1::raised_hands_tone1:

  • Emma M.

    I want these so bad :heart_eyes: x

  • Kerri H.

    I think this may have to be my compromise seeing as I can have the gin filled baubles! :joy:

  • Abbie W.

    These would be cool for the bar!

  • Fiona L.

    Gutted ! Could have had these for my secret Santa :santa_tone2::joy:

  • Kelly L.

    I think we should have a decorated "gin tree" in the office haha x

  • Fiona F.

    Can you imagine my tree decked in these!!

  • Heather T.

    LOL. I just need a tree!!!!

  • Kelly L.

    You can get the miniatures as well that are like baubles too! We'd be drunk everyday at work :joy:

  • Charlotte G.

    Love!! (I feel I’m getting a bit of a rep haha) X

  • Julie W.

    Just what I need :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Bevlar B.

    Love them :grinning: I feel a Christmas treat for myself :grin:

  • Laws C.

    Love these!!! Need them for our bar!! :thumbsup_tone1::cocktail: thank Hun x

  • Danii T.

    Omg I just need these for everyday :heart_eyes:

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