Family Game Ideas For Christmas Night

Family Game Ideas For Christmas Night

It's Christmas Night and you have the rare luxury of being surrounded by your nearest and dearests and you don't have to dash about anymore. It's time to unwind and enjoy the moment.

Games are always a good way to get everyone giggling but it can be tricky finding one to include everyone.

Pictionary/Guess the Picture

This is often rather hilarious. You don't need to buy the board game. Just grab some paper (or whiteboard) pens and a timer. It doesn't matter how little your kids are, sometimes the younger they are, the funnier it is.

Charades/Who Am I?

Okay, so really small children might not get this game, but for older kids, teens and adults, it's ideal. Simply act out a TV Programme, Film or something else for the Family to guess.

Beanboozled/Dodge the Brussel Sprout

Make sure you wait a good while after your Christmas Dinner to play this one or someone will puke. Grab a pack of Jelly Belly Beanboozles or dip make some Christmas Truffles and coat some Brussel Sprouts in Chocolate.


I am not sure if this is the 'official' name of this game or one we made up as kids. If your children are old enough to write, then you are in for a treat, as this game is HILARIOUS. Grab a sheets of paper and pens for each member. Everyone writes the name of someone they know, or a famous person, fold over the paper to conceal what they wrote, pass along to the person on their right and carry on through different questions like 'where was the person' etc. At the end the papers are unravelled to reveal a story that is read out.

Pass the Parcel

So you can't be bothered with anymore wrapping but this game is worth it. Instead of planting prizes between the sheets of wrap, stick in some chocolates, or commands like 'tell a joke'.


Whether it's the Junior version or the Original, this board game is a tradition for the festive season. Be warned, it WILL result in bickering.

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  • Rikki P.

    Played Monopoly last night, I won for the first time in my life , I'm 35!

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