The Body Collector Review

It sounds a bit gruesome doesn't it? The Body Collector is however a book for children. And yes it is a little bit gruesome, but in that way children love. Lots of scary stuff, but not too scary.

The books is to be read to younger children, or for older children to explore for themselves. It's in hardback, with a dust jacket. It is perfect for Halloween, or as a present or gift. Which is what I've got the book for - as a lovely birthday present. I get sick of giving out plastic tat all the time, so it is really nice to find a beautiful, well presented book that's perfect for giving.

Watch out, the body collector is about! Charlie Stench, the body collector, collects bodies. The heads he turns into floating skulls with all the powers of evil. Except, that is, for Boris. Something went wrong and he did not turn out evil at all.

Boris loves the wicked witch Griselda but Boris longs to have his body back. After saving Griselda from the mini-skulls Boris persuades her to visit the Body Collector. But when Griselda finds the boys amongst the bodies, nothing turns out as they expect.

Can the wariro cat Snuggle protect the boys from the Body Collector, who wants to eat their bodies for his collection? And Griselda who, as always, wants to eat them?!

This is the 15th story in the Ramion collection, which is great for fans. We hadn't read any of the other Ramion books though and it didn't diminish my son's enjoyment of the story at all.

I also found reading the book pleasureable. As a grown up, I still enjoyed the story line (don't want to give anything away though!). But most of all I just loved the beautiful illustrations.

There are 36 full page colour illustrations in there and they are all gorgeous.

Then there's the smell of the book. This took me right back to my childhood, and the books we got through the school's book club. Is there anything as truly wonderful as that new book smell?

The book is priced at RRP £12.99, which I found a little bit expensive given the size of it. There is a special offer on at the moment, where you can get both this book and the Blizzard Wizard for £12.98. Also delivery is free.  A perfect double Christmas gift perhaps, or something for a young reader. The offer finishes on the 15th of November.

Although my son is 7 he's not a keen reader on his own. There is a lot of text in this book, and the type is quite small. It will challenge adventurous readers of this age, which is a good thing. However, it was beyond my son's attention span so we read the book with me reading to him as his bedtime story each night.

Personally I'd have thought this to be a  strange choice for bedtimes! But he didn't seem to mind it at all. In fact he enjoyed the book so much he picked this as the birthday present for his best friend whose birthday is on Halloween. I'm popping the other book in the special offer into his Christmas stocking.

Overall I was pleased with this book for roughly £6 and thought it was an excellent purchase. I don't think I'd really want to pay the full price for it simply because I've brought similar books with amazing illustrations for less than a tenner.

Pros stunning illustrations, engrossing storyline, well presented and bound

Cons the RRP is pricey

Overall verdict 9/10 or 10/10 if you can buy at the special offer rate


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