Bobble Meerkat Review

So, what DO you buy for people who have everything? Lately I find that the people I buy Christmas gifts for are the ones who either want extremely expensive gadgets or have everything remotely useful already. This is when I tend to go for odd and strange and mad gifts instead.

Like this hilarious Bobble Meerkat. What you see in the picture above is a meerkat that is modelled on the whole Compare the Market meerkats and looks adorable. I think my taste in stupid gifts is a bit crazy if I am honest so if you share my madness, then this will really appeal to you.

The Bobble Meerkat has a soft fuzz head, big eyes and a sturdy, little, fuzzy body. His head is supported by the usual coil and spring device seen on most bobbleheads and he is rather robust. How do I know this? My five year old grabbed him out of the box while I was distracted and proceeded to get the coil tangled in her sleeve, hair and edge of the meerkat body. How she managed this in under five seconds I will never know…

Anyway, I was positive that the Bobble Meerkat was broken and ruined but after untangling him and popping the neck back into position, he was completely unaffected. Unless you count his somewhat startled expression?

He sits on the dashboard of the car (much to my husband’s dismay) and I have ordered one for a mad uncle as I know he will love it. My Bobble Meerkat is cute, funny and very solid. The sticky pad on the base is strong and my dude hasn’t fallen off the edge or needed resticking yet.

He only costs £4.99 from Robert Dyas and if you love him, you can throw in the Meerkat Keyring which talks to you…

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