Baby Boum Bootie Slippers Size 12-18 Months £7.46 @ Amazon

Amazon have randomly discounted only  the Baby Boum Bootie Slippers in Choco Brown  in size 12-18 months. Normally £19.99, like the rest of the colours and sizes, they're now just £7.46 including postage and are simply gorgeous.

I've seen these super cute boots around the web on various offers in the last few weeks, but this has been one of the best prices for them. It's a real pity the offer is limited to just the 12 - 18 month size too.

While these are suitable to walkers, they're not intended for outdoor - aka forest - use. They're suede, so are really just for indoors or when babies are in the stroller or pushchair and so on - they're not meant for puddles.

They have Velcro fastening, which I love as it makes it easier for kids to get their own shoes on, and additionally it accommodates for differences in foot width and sock thickness.

The inside of the bootie is  fur lined and designed to be super soft against the skin if they're not wearing socks or tights too.

The Baby Boum booties are made from soft suede and have a Velcro fastening meaning they are easy to pop on and can accommodate for differences in foot width. The inside of the bootie is fur lined and is designed to be super soft against the skin.

I wish they did them in adult sizes as they look superbly snuggly.

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