4M Rolls Of Christmas Wrapping Paper/Gift Tags 49p/29p @ Studio

4M Rolls Of Christmas Wrapping Paper/Gift Tags 49p/29p @ Studio

We all moan about the cost of Christmas, but the biggest waste of money isn't those plastic novelties you put in the kid's stockings - it's all the paper you bought to wrap their presents.

It's crazy, you buy it only for it to be ripped and binned. However, it is an integral part of Christmas Day, so you have to buy it.

We have found you some Christmas Wrapping Paper reduced from £1.79 to just 49p at Studio. The matching Gift Tags are just 29p!

Each roll is 4 metres long and is 50cm wide, so you should be able to wrap a few presents with it.

For just 49p a roll, it won't break the bank. Everyone wants to save money at this time of year - although you'll only spend what you have saved on some other Christmas goodies.

There are matching Gift Tags reduced to just 29p from 59p: Bright Tree*, Santa & Snowman* and Wording*.

You can get FREE delivery when you are a new customer and use promo code 040 at the checkout. For existing customers, it's £4.99.


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  • Rachel H.

    I stocked up in January - Sainsbury's were giving it away practically. I've probably enough to last into next xmas too

    • Emma L.

      Don't like the fact you cannot pay at checkout. I don't want to pay when a statement arrives. If anyone knows how you can pay at checkout let me know but I could only see two options - both inc waiting for a statement

      • Suzann M.

        i felt the same way

        • Sophie W.

          Nope, I had this problem you can only pay when it's been delivered x

          • Kim D.

            I placed an order online then once it had been confirmed I called them and paid on the phone.

            • Claire R.

              If you make an online account, as soon as its shipped you'll see the balance and you can pay for it then. I thought the same as you but I done an order last month and it was simple. X x

              • Emma L.

                Claire Robertson oh ok thank you. I'm always put off if I can't pay upfront incase of hidden fees. I might give it a go! X

                • Emma L.

                  Kim Davidson oh thank you :)

                  • Natalie L.

                    I've just recently ordered a car seat from them and I never usually order when can't pay upfront but I just ticked that I didn't want an account and to pay as soon as statement is through x

                  • Samantha M.

                    I don't like the fact you have £5 pound delivery fee to pay and if you a old customer that shoped there before you cannot use any vouchers I tried to get that dress up stand with the £10 pound off voucher but because I have shoped with them before it would not let me surly it should be other way round I always pay straight away as well day I receive the goods am paying so I don't bother now shame really X

                    • Rachael N.

                      Already put my first xmas order in. £187 worth!!! :fearful::fearful::fearful:

                      • Rebecca N.

                        I did one st beginning of year & 1 couple weeks ago got my paper & gift tags.

                        • Lucy B.

                          Plus £5 delivery.