Celebaby: Sandra Bullock and Rachel Stevens

22 May 2010

Sandra Bullock on adoption and divorce and Rachel Steven's preggars announcement are the topcis of today's celebaby edition.

Secret Adoption for Sandra Bullock!

sandra I really like Sandra Bullock; she seems to be one of those down-to-earth celebrity gals who you feel you'd be able to just sit and have coffee with.

She's finally had enough of hubby Jesse James' antics, revealing that she's filed for divorce along with the fact that they adopted a baby back in JANUARY!!!  I've no idea how they managed to keep that one under wraps; don't tell me you can't keep secrets in Hollywood because I won't believe you!

"He's just perfect, I can't even describe him any other way," Sandra revealed exclusively to PEOPLE magazine, "it's like he's always been a part of our lives."

Louis Bardo Bullock is three-and-a-half months old and was born in New Orleans and I have to say he's a little smasher!  Sandra is now finalising the adoption as a single parent and I reckon she'll do a great job.

Baby Annoucement for Rachel Stevens

rachelHow can Rachel Stevens be 32?!  I still see her as being about 20 with all the other youngsters of SClub7!  But no, she's all grown-up and got married to long-time boyfriend Alex Bourne back in August last year.

Earlier this week Rachel was quoted as saying...

"We’d absolutely love to have children. I think having children is the most amazing thing. I don’t think I can tell what kind of mum I’d be until I go through it. It’s such a life-changing thing."

Then THE announcement was finally made on Thursday through Rachel's spokesperson:

"‘We are delighted to announce that Rachel Stevens and her husband Alex are expecting their first baby later this year."

November in fact; so that's both Rachel and Kelly Preston due just before Crimbo - watch out for lots of cute family magazine photo shoots taken under the Christmas tree and in front of roaring fires then!

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