Lindam Travel Safety Accessories Review

When my son was a baby, I had quite a number of Lindam products, most notably a few of their home safety items. I think that's what the brand is mostly known for.

In fact, one of the items I bought when my son was a baby that turned out to be THE most practical ever were Lindam Microwave Steriliser bags. I loved them so much I convinced PlayPennies writer Emma to try them out too and she wrote a review on the bags. Take a look here.

This month though we are looking at some of the other safety products that Lindam produce. These are for use in the car, or when you're out and about. We sent them to PlayPennies mum of two (toddler and 5 year old) Tracey to test, and here's what she thought.

Lindam Safe View Mirror

I have something similar to the Lindam Safe View Mirror (£3.99 at Kiddicare) in our car. We got it when my son was a toddler and it has been brilliant. Still useful now when he's six, especially as they don't see to realise you can't read their minds or have eyes in the back of your head when you're driving.

However our one isn't anywhere near as good as this I don't think. It doesn't rotate, and we've had to keep ours cocked on an angle so we can actually see him in the back seat.

Tracey found that the mirror fit her standard rear-view mirror really easily. "I didn't find it excessively fiddly to install and I really liked the fact that it retracts and stores behind my rearview mirror when I am not using it. It is also very easy to adjust and swivel so that I can see what's going on in the back seat."

She thought that the rotation was pretty comprehensive, especially as the car backs on the front seats are quite high. "When one of them did cry out or ask for stuff or look upset so the mirror helped me to see what's going on without taking my eyes off the road as much as I would have if I had to turn all the way around."


  • extremely easy to install
  • very wide viewing circle making it easy to adjust to the car and to set the perfect viewing angle
  • makes life so much easier
  • would be perfect for parents with babies in the back who want to make sure they are ok
  • great price
  • easy to clean
  • the fold away feature is just awesome. A nice touch that isn't an essential thing but really makes a difference.


  • Wont' be suitable to a car with a silly high head rest
  • Not an essential buy

Overall Tracey gave this product 9/10. "It is easy to use, cheap, and helpful. Not an essential buy, but one that does mean mum's eyes stay on the road and gives her a bit more peace of mind." I have to disagree here. I think that one of these (it doesn't have to be Lindam's)  is essential. Anything that keeps distractions to a minimum and helps keep the driver's eyes on the road is a must buy in my opinion.

Lindam Back Seat Organiser

The Lindam Back Seat Organiser 8.13 at Amazon) hooks over the front passenger seat. This item was certainly very popular with our tester Tracey. However, she definitely wasn't taken with the materials used to make it. "It is made from blah colours - black with blue piped trim - and is plasticky with mesh."

That said, she did find that the fabric is extremely easy to wipe clean so if there are the inevitable spills and splashes you are not going to sob as you try to get this chap clean.

There is a deep pocket for bulky items that is sturdy and deep enough to cope with most things. "We used this for large books and technology", Tracey explains.  There are two front pockets that are easy to access and can hold thinner objects like wipes or paper or pens - these front pockets are mesh and attached to the deep pocket.

Finally there are three medium sized pockets and one large mesh pocket above that.

Tracey found she could store books (not too big though), wipes, juice, snacks, toys, technology like a game toy and more in her back seat organiser. It was very easy to install and in Tracey's words "I'm not sure how I lived without it."

It wasn't all love though. On the downside, Tracey was annoyed that the pockets had a tendency to flop forward a bit. This meant that it wasn't possible to put heavy hardback books in there.

Tracey also wondered about the cost. "While this is by no means a wallet breaking item and is not expensive at all for what you get, the reason I say this is not a cheap buy is because it isn't essential. You don't have to have this. Many cars have pockets and trays that you can use instead."

She did feel that the advantages of this organiser over usual car storage are that it is easy to clean, takes more stuff on board, has storage suited to things specific to kids (it can hold milk bottles etc), and items don't fall out or roll around.

Her final verdict? "I am delighted to own this and used it to pack snacks and juice and toys for our day out yesterday."

Lindam Toddler Runner

I am not sure why this is called a runner instead of a backpack. I guess it is because it is stop your toddler from running off? The Lindam Toddler Runner (£9.95 at Tesco) is a backpack with a strap for mum or dad to keep hold of.
Tracey had used something similar for her eldest. "I had one of these with cowprint on it and a little cow rainhat. That cost around £15 so this is much cheaper and comes with lots of lovely storage."
Her younger daughter loved it, seeing the bag as "her size" and enjoying being able to feel like a big girl when they went out for walks. Tracey did like that it comes in neutral colours, suitable for all genders as like me, she gets a little sick of everything being pink or blue. She also liked that it provided storage space for her daughter to carry her own things, like little toys, or a spare pair of clothes.
Two other pluses were "the long leash.  And that it has a reflective section for extra safety - I like this, esp with winter coming."
Ultimately though, Tracey thought it was just another toddler backpack with a leash, and was fairly unimpressed.

And finally...

We've listed the cheapest sources we could find for these products here but do look around first, prices do change. And be particularly careful when looking for the backpack. Our tester found it in one well known high street store for £14, when the RRP is £9.99!

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