Beware The Dangers To Children Of Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries

Remember this post we shared with you about the dangers posed by lithium batteries to children?

Well if that surprised or shocked you, you might also be interested in reading this story, published yesterday by about a five-year-old boy who needed 65 surgeries after swallowing a lithium battery.

Be warned though; it's a piece you won't forget reading. Today reports:

"In 2010, when barely 1, he swallowed a nickel-sized, lithium battery from a DVD remote, burning his esophagus and closing off his airway. You may recall reading about Emmett's fight to recover last summer when surgeons rebuilt his esophagus using part of his colon, and opened his paralyzed vocal chords."

I can't understand why these batteries are so widely available and easily accessible - they literally pop out of many household items which babies love to fiddle with, including TV remotes and key fobs, but swallowing one can be fatal.

It seems unfathomable that such a small and seemingly benign item can end a child's life. Ensure that any items containing lithium batteries in or around your home are always kept out of reach of children.


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