Is Your Child's Car Seat Safely Installed? Two In Three Aren't

Car Seat Safety

According to the Daily Mail, two in three of us are putting our children's lives at risk by putting them in car seats that are the wrong size for them.

*Cue yet another motherly panic attack*

Car seats stress me out at the best of times. Aside from the fact that all of my children have tried to wrestle themselves free of the restraints during their toddler years, I now also have to factor in checking whether my two older children have accidentally unfastened the seat belt on the baby's chair whilst strapping themselves in.

Add in the recent changes in car seat regulations - which you can get the lowdown on here - and it's no wonder that it all seems like a bit of a minefield when it comes to car seat safety.

The gist of this article, which is hooked on a new report into car-seat safety problems by road safety campaign group Good Egg, is that two thirds of children are "at risk as a result of the seat being improperly fitted, incorrect for the size and weight of the child, or wrong for the make and model of vehicle".

It doesn't bear thinking about. And if you've ever trawled the internet for information about the dangers of wrongly-fitted car seats, you'll know that you can find all manner of horror stories that will scar you for life.

So please, check today that your car seat is correctly fitted, meets minimum safety criteria, and is the right seat both for your vehicle and for your child's height and weight. It's really worth double-checking and having a read at our blog on how to choose the best car seat for your child.

If you have any doubts about seat safety, speak to the manufacturer of your child's car seat.

Depending where you buy your seat, the retailer may even offer a free fitting service whereby they check that the seat is correctly installed in your vehicle.

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