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starWarsCloneWarsLittleLibrary Here's something for all little Padawans - Play are selling this Star Wars: The Clone Wars Little Library for £2.79 instead of £4.99.

Actually, they're not selling this Star Wars: Clone Wars Little Library for £2.79 - well, they are and they're not - the price on the website is £3.89 but when you use code sta4wa4s (it must be lower case to work) then it comes down to £2.79.

My youngest son is Star Wars mad; he loves the Clone Wars series but is, unfortunately for him, a bit beyond Little Library books now.

Having said that, he still loves quickly looking at his Bob the Builder Little Library set that he has, so maybe he would enjoy a Star Wars: Clone Wars Little Library set of books.

I must confess to having a soft spot for Little Library books - in fact, any books that encourage a love of reading and turning pages from an early age.

If you've never come across Little Library books before, let me describe them to you...

They are collections of little chunky board books - ideal for small hands to get to grips with - that have a few words on each page and can each be read in under a minute; there are generally five or six books to a collection.

Don't forget to add the code at the checkout, otherwise you'll end up paying £3.89 for your Star Wars: Clone Wars Little Library book collection and THAT would be bad.

Thanks to goonertillidie at HUKD

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