The First Nursery Book Collection - 10 Classic Fairytales £9.99 @ The Book People

Now I love 'new' stories like The Gruffalo and Co, but there's something fabulous about revisiting the old classics like Little Red Hiding Hood, Snow White and Hansel and Gretel.

The Book People are selling this Macmillan First Nursery Collection of 10 books, that include all of those stories, for just £9.99 instead of £59.90.

I can still picture the covers of the original Ladybird book versions of the classic fairytales that I used to have.

I loved looking at the pictures on the pages as my mum read the stories to me; one that stands out clear as day is of the price who had to walk through a forest of rose bushes to get to the heroine of the story - I think it was Rapunzel - and he was cut to ribbons and was blind by the time he reached her!

It sounds gruesome but, as a child, this never occurred to me, I just thought how fabulous it was that the prince saved the day with everyone living happily ever after.

Now whilst there are 10 books in the collection, each book contains three stories so there are plenty of bedtime stories here - one for each day of the month in fact (well, for 30-day months anyway).

The Three Little Pigs,  Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, The Emporer's New Clothes (that story always used to make me laugh!) are all there; fabulous.

Single item delivery will cost you just £1.95.

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