The Full Life Repair Kit Review

Have you ever looked at your face in the mirror and wondered where all the wrinkles have come from? Or stood up and groaned at the aches and pains that flare up as you rise? Well, we all hate growing old and we dislike the frailties that come with ageing even more. Enter the Full Life Repair Kit, a book dedicated to helping you undo the damage you have done to your body over the years.

When I got this book I was delighted. It was something I wanted to try out as I am tired of feeling flat and tired. The book starts off brilliantly with an intro that makes a lot of sense and flings out a ton of great facts and figures. It is an inspiring start.

The book doesn’t pull any punches though. Don’t expect to be told that 20 years of smoking and not exercising is going to vanish in a puff of healthy, erm, smoke. Do expect to be given solid advice that is grounded in plenty of research and that makes a lot of intellectual sense.

Some of the facts and figures are scary. Like the fact that in your 40s you are more likely to die of cancer than from an accident. And that a lack of exercise means a shorter life. However, the book is filled with positive reinforcement, clever ideas, great tools and clever input to keep you going.

I have found this to be an invaluable resource on my road to great health and I am definitely going to recommend this to anyone who wants to reinvigorate their lives and their bodies. It would make a lovely Mother’s Day present or a treat for yourself.

The book is on sale at Reader’s Digest for £5.99 instead of the usual £26.99 which is a fab deal!

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