Flash Sale: Up To 88% Off @ The Book People

15 February 2017
Up To 88% Off @ The Book People

EDIT 17/02/17: Offer extended and new titles added! Now ends at midnight tonight.

It's Flash Sale time again at The Book People, and there's some brand new bargains to pick up this time, at huge savings off the RRP. We're talking as much as 88% off here, so they're the best prices around.

Here's what's caught my eye in the sale:

Flash Sale really means flash, as these offers end as midnight on Thursday, so the clock is ticking bargain hunters!

You get free delivery on all orders of £25 or more, or charges are from £2.95 on smaller orders.

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  • Leanne W.

    I'm getting the bear hunt for ellie x

  • Kirsty H.

    were going on a bear hunt :heart_eyes: xx

  • Stacey C.

    billy would love this bag xx

    • Lisa H.

      Aww love that bear hunt bag :heart: xxxx

  • Luci A.

    Thanks Lisa :blush: we borrowed a couple from a friend but I think I'll get these too as seren is really enjoying them and I remember reading them by myself as a child lots so think she would get quite a lot of use from them!

  • Lisa G.

    Some good bargains on here. I am a big Enid Blyton fan and have some in the loft ready for when millie wants them. I love the naughtiest girl in the school and malory towers. Used to read the. To Tia lots. Xx

  • Luci A.

    Yes I have lots of the famous five and secret seven saved for when seren is a bit older. Most of them are very sexist though so will have to teach seren to read them with that in mind somehow! I've been amending a fair bit of the faraway tree stories when reading them to her - the girls are always scared, Joe is always in charge and has most of the 'good ideas' etc etc!

  • Lisa G.

    I might have to get them down as Leo might actually like them a bit too. The school ones are good as the girls are strong and independent. Definitely some of my favourites x

  • Luci A.

    Thank you, I don't think I read the Malory towers ones myself but we were given a set a while ago so they could be next on the reading list :blush:

  • Luci A.

    Ah thank you! I might read them myself first then to vet them!!

  • Rachel S.

    They are very good prices!!

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