The Complete Little Miss Book Collection £18 @ The Book People

As PlayPennies resident book obsessive, I feel compelled to tell you about this rather fabulous deal you can take advantage of on The Complete Little Miss Book Collection - those lovely Book People are selling it for £20 instead of £90, and with the code I'll give you it'll come down even further to just £18.

Thirty six books make up The Complete Little Miss Book Collection which, with a bit of basic maths, works out at 50 pence a book and THAT is a bargain; the books also come in a lovely presentation box so you can keep them all together (with each book costing 50 pence and totalling £18, does that make the presentation box free...?).

Little Miss Neat thinks the presentation box for all 36 Little Miss Books is a great idea, Little Miss Tidy is willing to bet money on your kids NOT putting them away in the box and Little Miss Contrary says they might...but then again they might not.

This Little Miss Complete Book Collection always tends to go out of stock pretty fast, especially at Christmas time - it IS Christmas time you know, there are now only 32 days to go! - so I'd act like Little Miss Rush and get yourself over to The Book People a bit sharpish (I made her up by the way, there's no such Little Miss as Little Miss Rush).

Don't forget your free delivery code and 10% discount codes: FREEPANDP and AFSNOW15

Thanks to bec3105 at HUKD

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