How To Bag A Black Friday Fashion Bargain

How To Bag A Black Friday Fashion Bargain

I don’t know what your Black Friday 2017 plans look like, but the list of things I’m hoping to buy for a bargain price this Black Friday seems to be growing by the day.

Christmas presents are definitely top of my list, of course. I’m hoping to get most (if not all) of my Christmas shopping done and dusted by Cyber Monday, so various must-have toys and gadgets are my main priorities on Black Friday 2017.

But have you ever thought about taking advantage of Black Friday to revamp your wardrobe? There are fashion bargains and clothing deals aplenty throughout Black Friday, so it’s the perfect time to give yourself a complete style overhaul for a fraction of the normal price. Here’s how…

Don't panic-buy

We’ve all done it – splashed out on a ridiculous item of clothing that we really don't need because the price seemed too good to be true, only to realise that we rarely if ever actually go swimming so we really didn’t need that cut-price designer swim suit. To avoid making this mistake, think about what you actually need. A winter coat? Summer togs for your next holiday? Everyday basics like gym gear or new undies? Make a practical list of the clothing essentials that you could really do with stocking up on, and then make it your mission to hunt these down on Black Friday.

Bag a designer bargain

If there's one thing any self-respecting fashionista should buy on Black Friday, it's a designer handbag. Seriously, if you plan it carefully you could pick up the handbag of you dreams – which you can probably only afford in your dreams – for a song on Black Friday. Stalk the relevant brands' websites, keep an eye on their social media accounts for hints about which products they plan to price-slash, and don't dither when the handbag of your dreams becomes available for a bargain price – remember items like this will be strictly 'while stocks last'!

Hit the high street

Granted, you can make serious savings on designer clothing on Black Friday, but high-street fashion brands are in on the act too. Some of my favourite high street stores have already announced their Black Friday offerings, and it's as much as 50% off everything at some high street fashion stores! Get browsing their websites well in advance, and bookmark specific items you're hoping to pick up for a bargain, or add them to your shopping basket in advance and then check back in to see if the price has dropped once the Black Friday sales start.

Accessories are everything

Need some new bling to finish off your outfit for an upcoming event? Fancy updating your jewellery collection without breaking the bank? Black Friday is the day to invest in some new accessories. Everything from earrings and nomination bracelets to necklaces and even glasses go on sale for crazy prices on Black Friday. Make a list of the items you'd really like and then set yourself a budget. Better still, drop a few hints to the ones you love and point them in the direction of the relevant websites!


I'm not even joking when I say that I *only* buy shoes in Black Friday sales. Last year I got a pair of knee-length leather winter boots, two pairs of summer shoes and a pair of trainers for the gym – all for less than the normal price of one of those items alone. Black Friday is also a brilliant opportunity to restock the kids' shoe collections. Check out the various designs and prices before the big day and bookmark pages for specific shoes you're interested in, then hope to goodness that they slash the price of *that* particular pair come Black Friday 2017!

We'd love to hear what's on your shopping list for Black Friday 2017. Are you hoping to refresh your wardrobe or give yourself a complete style overhaul? Leave us a comment below to let us know what you're looking for, or come and join the conversation over on our Facebook page.

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