Black Friday 2017 Online Shopping Survival Guide

Black Friday 2017 Online Shopping Guide

Silly season is here already – this year, Black Friday has started even earlier than usual and we’re already all shopped out. Not to mention that our team are fuelling themselves with fizzy drinks and chocolate and strict rotations of 20 minute naps in order to keep bringing you the very best Black Friday 2017 deals.

We live to give though, so here’s our last ditch guide to surviving the big day and coming out with the bargains of your dreams on Black Friday.

1. Be ready to ditch your list

Yeah, yeah. You’re *only* going to buy items you’ve specifically listed and budgeted for this year. That’s what I said the year I bought a games console for my kids for Christmas, after an entire year of insisting that they were too young for it.

Point is, you will get sidetracked by good deals and that’s what Black Friday is about – part of its charm is in buying things you didn’t necessarily intend to. Just don’t go mad.

2. Avoid the shops

I know some people swear by tackling Black Friday in person but I tried that once. Never again. Why get in a fight at the checkout when you can surf from your sofa and shop with a G&T in hand?

3. Don’t dither

There are few things quite as frustrating as missing out on a mega bargain cos you hummed and hahhed about it for too long, only to find those three awful little words OUT OF STOCK flash up just as you’re ready to part with your hard-earned.

Remember, should buyer’s remorse kick in, that you can always return any purchases you change your mind about, as long as the store you buy from has a returns policy. You usually have 28 days to return something bought in-store, and 14 days if you purchased it online and have simply changed your mind.

4. Charge your gadgets

Yes, it sounds stupid. But what if there’s a power cut and your phone or laptop battery runs perilously low just as you've found the Black Friday deal to end all deals? C'mon. It pays to be prepared. Plug those suckers in and pack your power bank.

5. Check and check again what the kids are after

We've all been there. You fork out for a Black Friday bargain that you're beside yourself with glee about, only to discover that your little darlings have completely changed their minds and now want something completely different to whatever Santa's managed to bag on Black Friday. I wholeheartedly recommend encouraging the kids to post their letters to Santa by TOMORROW at the very latest. Just saying.

6. Celebrate your spoils

The best part of Black Friday shopping is surely boasting about your bargains. And we want to hear ALL about them. Share your good fortune with the Playpennies team, either by commenting here or else pop over to our Facebook page and shout about them there

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