Tetley Redbush Tea Review

26 September 2011


I’m a huge fan of rooibos (redbush) tea. I’ve been drinking it since I was a baby as I grew up in South Africa where the native shrubs grow and it was used to keep me soothed as a baby, hydrated as a teen, and detoxified as an adult. In short, I live, love, adore rooibos tea.

Now, the phenomenon that is rooibos exploded several years ago due to its impressive list of health properties, and an American company tried to steal the name. It all got very complicated but, needless to say, the South Africans won and the shrub is now a national resource.

Rooibos only grows in certain soils at certain temperatures and in specific areas of the Cape. It’s a pretty demanding fellow. However, it tastes amazing. Like green tea, the flavour will be something you either love or you hate and if you are in the former category, you will probably have strong views about how it is brewed too.

I drink it neat with a splash of cold water. Milk and sugar are sacrilegious! So I was a bit sceptical about Tetley’s Redbush Tea with Vanilla. I love vanilla. I love rooibos. How was their relationship going to taste?

I poured myself three cups of tea. The first was a teabag from the original manufacturer in SA that I import, the second was Tetley Redbush and the third was the vanilla variant.

The taste and flavour of the Tetley Redbush was almost identical to my SA version barring a slight bitterness (a preferred taste) on the latter. Tetley’s version was not quite as acidic but still a really good flavour with excellent follow through.

The vanilla was surprisingly delicious too. While the redbush flavour was slightly to the left of the SA version, the combination is fabulous. A refreshing, bright and tasty drink for the upcoming winter. No doubt in my mind at all, and a cheapie at £1 a box from Tesco!

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