Sparkle & Glitz Kids 12” Bike £14.96 @ Tesco Direct

15 July 2012

This is a fantastic price for the Sparkle & Glitz Kids 12” bike for girls. Originally selling for £6 it has had a huge £45.04 sliced off the price and is now only £14.96 and that includes stabilisers. Very nice indeed. And you can save more by arranging to collect yours instore.

We are in the process of trying to find a decent girl’s bike for our daughter but she is sitting at such an in-between stage that this bike is too small but the next one up is too big and heavy. Fortunately we did find a nice bike that’s designed to cope with this but it is nowhere near as well priced as this.

This Sparkle & Glitz bike is on sale at Halfords for over £60 at the moment and you get a lot of extras with this Tesco deal as well, making this a fantastic saving. It has glitzy stickers, pink tassels on the handlebars and stabilisers to help teach balance.

Thanks to biggysmalls at HUKD!

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  • geriatrix
    Well, it would be a great deal if those swines at Tesco actually honoured it. My order has been cancelled, two hours AFTER I was due to pick it up, and with no explanation.
  • geriatrix
    Surprise, surprise - it's back in stock and Tesco have put the price up to £29.96. Why do people HATE Tesco so much!

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