Slendertone Bottom Challenge Week 2

21 August 2011


Right, so week 2 has flown by and I’ve been a good girl and followed the plan to the letter. It has been rather interesting as the intensity has shot up from 20 to 65 and has become, if I am honest, a tad painful.

The first few days of the week had me rev the gears up to 40, 50 and 55 respectively, with the increase starting to really sting a bit. At first I was rather concerned by this but as the programme ran, I found it rather relaxing. You can really feel the muscles contracting and relaxing at this level and it is also a bit disconcerting.

I had to leave for a three day road trip with my child so the Slendertone was duly packed into the suitcase, along with the Challenge notes, and taken with me. The expressions on the faces of the people I was staying with were priceless. The first mum I stayed with spent the entire 30 minutes laughing at me, the second was fascinated and the third bunch of mates all had to prod my bum to see if it was as hard as I said it was.

slendertonebumAnd it is getting really firm. Of that there is no doubt. After doing 30 minutes at level 65 on Thursday morning my muscles were sore. So sore that walking through Bath was a bit challenging at first. I had a rather entertaining limp.

My results are also starting to come in now. Last week there was no movement in size as I stayed at a steady 39cm. This week I have lost half a centimetre as the measurements are down to 38.5. Now that IS good news!

I also promised you last week that I would ask Slendertone what the next step would be, how you would maintain your lovely new bum without having to spend an hour and a half a day doing exercises focused only on one specific area. Their experts immediately got back to us with this reply…

We recommend the user use the Bottom for 30minutes, 5 days a week for 6 weeks at the highest intensity while maintaining their comfort. After completing their 6 week course they should use the device 2-4 times a week again for 30mins to maintain the toning, conditioned benefits from use of the device.

So there you have it. I am rather pleased with that response, actually, because the exercises that come with the device are very time consuming. The lunges, squats and leg lifts are all brilliant for your thighs as well, but it would be nice to free up some time to do arms, stomach and back.

While I am rather frightened of going up to level 70 and 80 next week, I’m also kind of excited. What will the results be after such intensive muscle workouts? Stay tuned to find out…

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