The Ruckus Review

11 February 2013

Ruckus is a card game and one that initially sat at the bottom of our cupboard gathering dust. We were given it as a gift at some birthday or Christmas and it lay there, forgotten, until we recently moved house. In the course of the packing and unpacking, the game popped out and we thought we should give it a try. And what a brilliant idea!

The game is ace. It’s really simple to learn, easy to play and basic to teach – this makes it utterly perfect for kids who lose interest if the rules are too complex, or get upset when they don’t really understand what’s going on. Ruckus is also a good way to get kids used to losing and to build good sportsmanship. You will win/lose, win/lose constantly throughout the course of one game.

The premise is simple. You dish out seven cards and you put matching cards down in front of you. Your opponents do the same. If you happen to have a card in your hand that matches one of the sets that they just put in front of them, well, you put your card on top of theirs and steal their pile. And that’s what you do throughout each game until someone loses all their cards and screams out “Ruckus!”

You play several games to reach the winning score of 77 points and the tides turn constantly throughout. Cue lots of laughter as you shout out “Eye Scream!” and steal someone’s enormous pile of cards of the same name, or your lovingly huge pile gets stolen by someone else. You see, the number of cards in front of you determine your final score so you want to keep those as much as possible.

Children as young as four can play (with a bit of help) and adults have great fun too. This is a superb title that is well worth every penny. On sale on Amazon* right now for a lovely £5 and with free delivery it is perfect for cold wintery afternoons. Perfect.

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