The Righteous Butter Soap & Glory Review

6 May 2013

This body butter from Soap & Glory called The Righeous Butter has to be my favourite all time body butter in the history of forever. And I happened upon it entirely by accident. It was on sale in Boots, along with a couple of other products including a wash poof (that fell apart within a month) and the body wash (which was nice).

This product sells for £10 on their site, but can often be less at Boots* so take a peek there first if you happen to want to try it out after my review.

Wow. What a smell. I cannot tell you why the smell of this Soap & Glory Righteous Butter is so utterly intoxicating to me, but it is. It reminds me of fields, and skin that’s warmed by the sun, and freckles, and happiness, and giggling next to a campfire on the beach.

It has also won the Woman & Home best in beauty award. I am clearly not alone in this love affair. It also does what it should, it moisturises. My skin suffers in the winter with the constant changes from hot to cold and back again, and this does the job. It doesn’t rub on thick and oily only to feel all thin and useless and papery ten minutes later. No, you get proper moisturiser with this Soap & Glory product.

The only negative I would give the Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter is that the smell could be, for some, a little too overpowering, especially if they are heavy handed with their moisturiser. This is a sentiment shared by others on their site but I must say that it isn’t something that would stop be from buying this. Ever. I may just stock up for life, just in case.

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