The Morphy Richards Slow Cooker Review

3 June 2013

About a week ago I discovered an ace deal for a Morphy Richards slow cooker on Amazon and I decided to go ahead and buy it. I’ve always wanted to do long and lovely bakes in a slow cooker, but I’ve always thought they were very complicated and out of my league. Something that experienced kitchen gods and goddesses did.

Not so! The Morphy Richards slow cooker (which is still on sale by the way and the 4.5l is now down to under £20) is extremely easy to use and works like a charm. It is, honestly, idiot proof. Just bung your stuff in, make sure there is enough water, and wait.

The first thing I made was a lamb stew thing. I tossed in one of those bags of pre-cut veggies (sorry, I was busy and needed quick veg), some onions, some lamb stewing chunks and 1.5l of stock. Six hours later there was the best meal I think I’ve ever eaten.

I couldn’t find the instructions the first time I cooked in it either. My husband had accidentally taken them to work with him. That is how idiot-proof this cooker is – you can bung it on a heat setting and leave it alone. This is the ideal device for anyone who has a big family and a busy life. You can create really healthy meals in seconds.

Other features I appreciated were the fact that it isn’t too bulky and I could slot it into a neat space in the kitchen, that the interior pot is heavy and easy to clean and fits into the dishwasher, and that the handles are cool to the touch while the Morphy Richards slow cooker is working. This is a great device and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for quick and healthy meals. Next week I’m going to review the slow cooker recipe book!

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