Method Waterfall Handwash Review

19 May 2011


I may be something of an oddity in this world but I do have a thing for good handwash. I’m very fussy about it and need it to achieve several things at once. The first thing is that it must be gentle on my skin. My skin is prone to dryness and there is nothing worse than dry, dry, dry hands.

The other things include environmental awareness and, obviously, actually containing ingredients that will clean my hands and keep those nasty germs at bay. I have experimented with quite a few different brands such as Carex and this time around I am using the new Method range called Waterfall.

Method Waterfall is paraben free and the bottle was designed by karim Rashid. That amused me, I never imagined hand wash bottles needing a special focus on design but now that I have one I rather like it. It looks like an enormous teardrop.

Packaged in a 100% percent recycled and recyclable bottle (two enormous pluses there) the hand wash is made from naturally derived and biodegradable ingredients. It has vitamin E and aloe vera for moisturising and the entire bottle costs a mere £2.49.

This hand wash has undergone a month of testing in our house. To start with I have to say that the actual dispenser works a charm. None of that squipping off to the left or right, sticking on the way down, dispensing half a kilo of hand wash rubbish. It works well and delivers a neat little circle of hand wash.

While hand wash in every form will dry hands, I find the Method Waterfall hand wash particularly light. The lotion cleans well, leaves a very unobtrusive scent, but doesn’t raid your hands of all moisture and leave them gasping. In short it is cheap, ethical, environmentally aware, and gentle.

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