Lifegain Review

6 June 2011


I was recently sent some Lifegain samples to review. This is a nutritional formula designed to maintain physical strength and help you when you’ve been derailed by illness or disease, need some help getting your body back on track, and to help you cope with stress and life and kids.

Sort of amusingly, just as my samples arrived I fell quite ill with an infection and I was plonked onto a series of enormous and unpleasant antibiotics for a week. Normally when I am on antibiotics I feel very dried out, very tired, and very ill. Obviously some of that is the infection, but my system really does not like medicine.

Every morning I would eat my breakfast, pop my pill, drink my Lifegain. I tried mixing it with milk for a few days, and then with water, and I can honestly say that the water mix isn’t as vile as I expected but that the milk mix is yum. I love health shakes, supplements, things. Love them. And Lifegain tastes ace.

Lifegain is a soy-based triple protein shake that provides advanced nutrional support to the body with 19 amino acides, 23 vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants, prebiotics and isoflavones. They have lots of details on their site if you want more info on how all these elements are combined to make a super healthy supplement.

The only down side of Lifegain is that I am STILL not sure if this is a meal supplement or not. It doesn’t specifically say that it is, and I feel slightly stupid as if by reading the ingredients I should know whether it is, or it isn’t. Sorry guys but I need more detail than just “triple proteins” I’m afraid.

My husband insists it is a food supplement so perhaps my taking this with breakfast wasn’t such a good idea. The Lifegain did make a difference, I have to say. I didn’t feel as ill or as tired as I usually do on antibiotics. And I had far more energy. It works, it tastes great, and 300g costs £16.95 online or you can pop into your nearest pharmacy instead.

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  • Nik
    From the Lifegain website: "The main source of protein in Lifegain is soy, supplemented by whey and milk protein isolates" So, you can achieve the same effects by eating: - soy beans (or any other high protein food, such as meat) - dairy (for the whey but also a high protein food) and - drinking milk. Sounds a lot cheaper than £17 for 10 days of supplements. Not saying that most of the nutritional contents aren't useful and valid (not much "detox" pseudo-science, at least) just that they should fairly easily accessed part of a balanced diet any way.

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