Lakeland Lattice Pie Mould Review

30 July 2011


I was recently given a Lattice Pie Mould from Lakeland as a present. I know you are probably wondering why someone would do such a thing, but actually I utterly love things like this. Anything that can make me look like a super chef is good with me.

The problem is that I am a bit of a kitchen moron. I am incapable of “whipping up” anything without plodding care and attention to instructions. So I was a tad worried about this pie mould. There were no instructions about thickness of dough or cooking time.

There were no instructions on my roll of Ready Roll pastry either.

However, being the brave soul that I am, I dove in with determination. The mould comes in a lovely box with clear instructions on how to cut into the pastry. You use the base of the mould for cutting and the middle for scooping and sealing.

Cutting out the pie base was a doddle. Not so much the lattice. If you press too deeply, you can’t get the pastry out and poking at it with your finger messes it up. If you don’t press hard enough, you spend ages cutting out each diamond with your fingers.

It took three tries to perfect the art but my final cherry pie was perfection. The cutter is made from plastic, comes with a separate leaf design cutter (that makes gorgeous leaf patterns on the top of your pie), and cuts beautifully.

My daughter made two pies of her own and decorated them with leaves she had cut out herself. The edges of the mould are not too sharp and it is easy to use. The price point, £5.99, is also excellent. While our pies didn’t even look remotely like those on the box, they tasted delicious and we were extremely proud of them. A great buy!

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