Kids Freebie: Free Activity Packs @ The Woodland Trust

4 March 2012

The Woodland Trust often trots out some exceptional freebies for kids and parents and this year they are no different. This week they have popped up a bunch of free activity packs entitled the Nature Detectives and they are brilliant for weekend fun.

You can either spend some time looking through the different activity packs on offer or you can simply get the Woodland Trust to email you a pack for you to print out later when you have more time.

The packs on the site at the moment include the winter pack, the tree planting kit, Christmas (bit late/early for that one), the mini beast pack (I love this one), trees, birds, treasure hunting, spotter sheets, outdoor play, adventure pack, photograph, storytelling and a games pack.

There are plenty more on the site but listing them could make your eyes bleed. So, just pop on over to the site and nab your fabulous kids freebie today!

Thanks to Jas10 at HUKD

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