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5 March 2012

Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away on 18 March so it is time to start preparing things if you plan on giving away homemade gifts this year. It’s been a crazy few months with Christmas followed so quickly by Valentine’s Day and now Mother’s Day. Then it’s Easter and thank goodness a nice break from festivities in summer.

So, to start off our Mother’s Day makes I thought I would take a look and see what stunning ideas I could find on the net that didn’t cost a lot to make, but looked absolutely lovely. The first idea is one that I came up with myself and that is dead easy to make, even if you are not a master seamstress or anything.

You only need tatters of fabric – this is a great time to use old clothes with lovely patterns or fading pillow cases and linen – and some brown paper, scissors, thread, ribbon and time. Yeah, I know we all don’t have much of the latter, sorry!

To start with print out or draw the outline you want. We are creating a string of Tatty Fabric Shapes that can be hung on the wall and filled with scented herbs, such as lavender, for extra flair. I chose hearts, circles and diamonds for mine but honestly, you can have anything you like.

Cut out the shapes in your fabric using the brown paper or cardboard as a guide and then stitch them together with a contrasting thread. I had a beautifully faded flower print pillow case with yellow daisies on it so I used thick, bright green thread to stitch in a running stitch along the edges.

Now, the idea is to stitch some way in from the edge of the fabric so the tatty ends create a ruff as you sew. You aren’t going to turn these inside out to hide the seam or the fabric but rather emphasise these, so leave as much as you like. Leave a small hole to stuff but seam this and stitch in a press stud or Velcro so you can re-stuff the shape at any time. Then stuff, stitch them together with a ribbon, and even criss-cross the ribbon on the shape to add oomph. They are the Tatty Fabric Shapes and look fab.

Next up I found some great ideas on how to make homemade Mother’s Day gifts with kids. My personal favourite on the site Mother’s Day Central is making coffee filter flowers. I remember doing that as a kid! The site has a ton of ideas and links to them, making it a pretty comprehensive place to visit if you are in need of some creative inspiration.

On Domestic Goddesque I fell in love with her ideas. The handprint flower card is pure genius. It is such a simple idea but it translates beautifully into a Mother’s Day card that can be given to grandmums and mums. She also has a lovely idea for making flower biscuits that I heartily approve of. Remember, calories don’t count on Mother’s Day. Right? RIGHT?

If making these doesn’t tickle your fancy, or you just know that everybody in your family is going to forget. Why not whip up batches of bath bombs or bath oils, salts and soaks, and even handmade soaps? You can get most ingredients without spending too much money and you can make these for birthday’s and special occasions to come, making you look fabulous without too much effort.

I love the long list of makes and tips on Tipnut which will help you to make bath bombs without too much trouble (although I do recommend really doing your research on those as they are immensely fussy and can just look awful if not done properly), and some lovely bath salts. I am rather taken with the sugar scrub myself…

Finally, and definitely my favourite of the bunch, is the site Skip To My Lou which has utterly stunning Mother’s Day gift ideas. The DIY Bangle Bracelets, the silhouette chalkboard and the Mother’s Day vase are my absolute favourites. They are great makes that will last for years and always make mum smile.

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