Elias Superwipes Review

31 March 2011


Wipes, I am not entirely sure how I survived without them. I was almost in mourning when my tot grew out of nappies and I no longer had an excuse to buy wipes.

Then I was shown some Elias Superwipes. The name implies that they are for sweaty men in car workshops, rubbing axle grease off their clothing, and it isn’t far wrong. These guys can clean. I have been testing them on pretty much everything.

These are wipes for stains and clothes, not little bums, by the way.

First it was the red wine that had been jostled on the table. It had managed to slide under my favourite tablecloth. I whipped out my Elias Superwipes, followed the instructions, and managed to remove the wine before it left a nasty stain.

Now I thought, perhaps, this was due to speed and efficiency and not necessarily the wipes themselves. So I waited, like a cat, for the next opportunity. Boom, there was the coffee all over the carpet. While these are not actually FOR carpets I didn’t think they would notice and started to wipe. The bulk of the liquid had been soaked up by a cloth and the Elias Superwipes did the rest.

There was a bit of a brownish stain left behind but it was a full cup of coffee on a cream carpet and at least it wasn’t half as bad as it would usually be.

I have managed to use the Elias Superwipes to get rid of cheesecake, coffee, red wine, pasta sauce, and honey stains very effectively. The only problems I have with them are that they are difficult to get out of the packaging. They sell for £2.49 and are very helpful for mums with kids who don’t want their clothes to look like they are owned by mums with kids.

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