ASDA Cake Pop Kit Review

13 August 2012

Now this is an interesting review. I got the ASDA Chosen by You Cake Pop Kit which includes everything you need to create six sparkly cake pops. The set costs a very, very reasonable £2.98 at ASDA, but is it worth the dosh?

Inside the very simply designed box you get several bags with the cake pop mix, chocolate frosting, chocolate flakes and sparkly golden flakes for decoration. You blend the cake pop crumbs with the chocolate frosting to create a thick paste that you then roll into balls and pop into the fridge. You need to insert the sticks before you refrigerate.

Once the cake pops have set, you are to melt the chocolate flakes to create a liquid, roll the cake pops in the liquid and then sprinkle with gold flakes. What was very, very clever was that the box in which the cake pops come has holes poked in the back and a reinforced block of cardboard so you can place the finished cake pops vertically in them. Smart and impressive use of packaging (that’s recyclable too!).

Our kit went very well indeed right up until the point where we needed to a) melt the chocolate and b) roll the cake pops in it. I accidentally overcooked the chocolate which went thick and grainy. #fail. Then, once I had somewhat repaired the chocolate, when we rolled our cake pops in it they either fell to pieces, fell off the sticks or happily went onto the cake pop stand only to slide down the stick and land in a gooey mess at the bottom.

Out of six cake pops we made one perfect one. The rest broke and got eaten immediately. The last cake pop had the hardened chocolate shell and looked and tasted great. These are not gourmet cake pops, they are not the best cake pops, but they are cheap, cheerful and fun to make.  The big selling points here are that the packaging is cleverly made and recylable, the price is good, the kit is easy for kids to make and they taste ok. The negatives are that the cake pops don't actually stay on the sticks and the mixture is too dry to work properly.

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