The Woogie 2 Review

20 August 2012

Isn’t that just the best name for a product ever? The Woogie 2 is the awesome iPhone case for kids from Griffin technology and something that I really do recommend. I discovered Griffin purely by accident when I was shopping for a cover for my iPhone. My last phone, the HTC Hero, had been dropped, kicked, chewed, and dropped some more and the poor thing was a total wreck. I was taking no chances with my iPhone 4S.

The Griffin case I got is the Survivor in pink and my phone has been dropped down the stairs five times, dropped on the road several times and kicked more than once. It has also been in the rain and is utterly fine. There are some touch issues but overall the case has saved my iPhone’s life.

The Woogie 2 is this enormous and cuddly dude that houses the iPhone and keeps it utterly safe as kids play games and use the phone for entertainment. You can use the Woogie 2 on long trips on holiday as the feet form a kind of table to sit on a child’s lap, and it can handle any surface you throw at it except water. Water is a No Go.

Ok but wait, you see Woogie 2 is more than just a comfy case for your iPhone, there is also an app that brings Woogie to life with 10 faces that are activated by your child’s actions. So if your kid laughs, Woogie will too, if she shakes him, then he goes all dizzy. It’s hilarious. He even talks back a bit and comes with a quiet option to save parental sanity.

The Woogie 2 is on sale for £19.99 on Amazon and Griffin and is just genius. Honestly, I love the free app, the fact that it keeps my phone safe while my daughter plays with her apps on it, and that it is SO soft and cuddly.

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