Spa Days For Babies... The Next Big Thing?!

6 September 2014

Image credit: Float Babies
Image credit: Float Babies

Forget everything you thought you knew about must-have buys for babies. We reckon the next big thing is going to be spa days for babies.

I nearly choked on my tea this morning when I spotted this brilliant article in today's Guardian newspaper about Float Babies - the USA's first water flotation and massage centre for tiny tots.

Babies aged between two weeks and six months old can enjoy a 20 minute hydrotherapy session followed by a relaxing, gentle baby massage.

According to the Float Baby website, the baby spa offers "a safe, supervised and social environment for parents and their babies where growth, brain development, motor movement and strength can begin before crawling" which "allows your baby to achieve major physical and cognitive developmental milestones by as much as 50% ahead of non-water peers".

As well as custom tubs filled with ozone purified water, Float Baby offers anti-microbial towels handmade in Turkey, a laundering system for swim nappies and towels that purifies without the use of harmful chemicals, a coffee bar, and lactation cookies. (Er, what??)

What do you reckon? Can you see this coming to a neighbourhood near you any time soon?!

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  • pro24
    Hi i think this is a really good idea for a lot of reasons to build there strenghth in legs and body and also make them more calmer also i swear by the baby massage i think its brill if you have any position it yate i will be up for a job there thanks

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