Blue Zoo Pack Of Two Beanie Hats (age 1 - 2) £3.00 @ Debenhams

Beanie You’ve got to love how adorable kids look when they wear beanies. Those chubby little faces surrounded by cuddly cloth. I want to eat them all up with a spoon. This deal includes delivery for two beanies, one plain and one striped, from Debenhams. 

While you’re only making a saving of £1.20, every little counts towards that luxury Caribbean holiday. Get yourself a set or two of these to keep small ears warm in this big fat freeze we’re having. I know that I plan on hunting down some mommy sized ones soon, I haven’t felt my ears in a week! beanie2

I am rather loving the fact that a lot of these great deals we’re seeing at the moment include delivery, no matter how silly the prices. It’s always been a pet irk of mine that I buy something for 99p only to spend £3 on posting it! Enjoy this deal and your tot’s warmth. 

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD!

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