Waterslide Playset Review

We were given the Waterslide Playset as a gift because my daughter loves bath time and has a bath full of toys, but nothing with slides and gadgets, so we were thrilled to receive it. The person who bought it had clearly not read any of the reviews on it, and I’m afraid I’m in full agreement with the reviewers – it’s the worst toy we’ve ever had.

On paper is sounds great: “Watch the bath time friends whizz down the slide and make a splash in the tub. Pour water in the wheel and watch it spin. It comes with suction cups that attach firmly to the bath.”

What I can say for it is that it looks like it’s going to be fun, and that the suction cups do attach firmly to the bath.

Unfortunately that’s about it.  The whole thing comes apart really easily, but isn’t as easy to put back together.

Every time one of the ‘bath time friends’ comes through the flap at the bottom, it falls off, needing to be reattached. (Can you say annoying??) And that’s if the friends get that far. There’s little to no whizzing as they  pretty much get stuck all the way down.  It’s clearly a design flaw as the most important part of the toy is the fact that the ‘friends’ slide down it.

The waterwheel works well, and if you pour water into it, it tips out and the water runs down the slide, but that’s not enough to make the hippos on tubes slide down.

Overall, this is a very disappointing bath toy and I wouldn’t bother with it at all. If it worked it would still be pricy for what it is (at £14) but without working it’s an absolute waste and definitely not the quality you expect from ELC.

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