The TePe Angle Review

18 April 2013

Have you ever looked at something that someone has given you with deep suspicion? This was me when I first received the TePe Angle kit for review. This extremely strange and alien looking product is a box with six, coloured, plastic sticks inside, at the end of each stick is a furry thingamajig that sticks out like an angry caterpillar. These, dear reader, are intended for your teeth…

You are, like me, probably wondering why caterpillars are needed for your teeth. Well, let me tell you. These are interdental brushes that have been designed for easy access and efficient cleaning between the teeth. These are the solution for those of you who just cannot get their heads around dental floss.

The pack contains different colours because each one is a different size. You start with the smallest one and work your way up the sizes to find the one that fits your teeth. You insert the brush between the teeth at the gum level and move it back and forth a few times. Don’t force the brush into anywhere or you can really damage yourself.

I really like the packaging. It is easy to open and you can reseal it so that your brushes stay safely stored. And that’s where the awesome ends. I managed to get my TePe brush in between maybe three teeth. The wire constantly bends and I had to keep straightening it with my fingers – not hygienic! That was the small sizes. The bigger sizes worked and didn’t bend as easily so they are the best of the bunch, but they were not a great fit and hurt a bit.

Then you rinse your TePe Angle under cold water and re-use it. None of them fit snugly between my teeth I’m afraid, but when I did get them to work, they were great. I’d give it a 7/10 for being effective with points coming off for difficulty initially but points regained for ease of use and the angled handle.

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