Ten Apps To Save You Cash

2 June 2011

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Whether you own an iPad or an Android tablet, an iPhone or an smartphone, there is an app market that you can tap to save you cash. Here I have gone on to discover those apps that can save you cash and that come highly recommended by other users who like to keep their spending down to a minimum.

1.  Green Mileage

As the Apple users so smugly beam about their plethora of apps, I decided to first look at the Android. Here we have an app that will track your car’s mileage. Every time you fill up the car, just record your fill-up information and the app will do the rest. It’s free, it’s clever, and it will help you work out your costs far more effectively.

2. Fuel Saver

This is one for the iPhone and iPad users out there. Here you get a free app (and apparently it is only going to be free for a limited time so get downloading if you want a copy) that will track your driving habits and then give you feedback to help you improve fuel efficiency. Apparently users have reported saving up to 16% in their fuel usage, so that’s a good sign.

3.  Stop charging your phone

chargephoneThese apps are nice and green and want to just get out there and hug the environment. The Android is, wonderfully, free but Apple users will have to fork out an astronomical 99cents (60p) to make use of their version. The Android app is called Eco Charger and the Apple one is called Green Charging. Both will notify you when your phone is fully charged so you can unplug it and turn everything off.

4. SplashMoney

This app is ideal for those busy mums out there, especially those of you who happen to own an iPad or an iPhone. Designed only for the Apple lovers out there, SplashMoney is capable of complex tasks while staying easy to use and helping you to setup transactions, manage accounts, handle budgets, and plenty more. It’s secure, has great reviews but will cost you $4.99 (£3).

5. CardStar

save_moneyThis happens to be one of my all time favourite apps, ever. I can never remember to take my reward cards with me when I go places. Never! And yet I always remember to take my phone. This app, which is free for Android fans, will let you digitally consolidate all of your reward cards and then you can merely access them while at the shop, get the merchant to scan the card while you are there, and then everything is automatically updated. Awesome.

6. Vouchercloud

This app is for the Apple users and Android users (who can also download My Coupons which offers a very similar service). This app gives you a list of discounts and special offers available to you locally using a built-in GPS system. It registers where you are and then throws you a pile of discounts. This is a superb app that works brilliantly on both systems and can save you a ton of cash if you’re out on the shopping hunt.


7. Scanned

There are several apps available in this area actually and Red Laser is probably the most famous. You can also get iBarcode for iPhone and iPad users or you can download ShopSavvy for free for the Android. These apps will let you compare prices for a product by scanning in the barcode using your handset’s camera. Our very own Sarah has told me, repeatedly, how often this app has saved her money.

8.  Where is that ATM

There are very few things as frustrating as paid-for cash machines when you are running late, desperate for cash, and running out of time. Except getting stuck at every traffic light on the way. So ATM Hunter is a good bet for those of you on Apple and Android. It is free, Blackberry owners can also use it (although they have to pay), and you won’t spend £2 on bank charges in desperation ever again.

9. Free phone

0870Ok there is one other thing that frustrates me as much as paying to withdraw money – paying to make a call from my mobile phone, especially when the call is to my bank because they have messed something up. SO this app is ace – 0870 will convert those horrible numbers starting with 0870, 0845 and 0800 into low-cost numbers that will count toward your monthly usage allowance. Divine. Blissful. Genius. Free.

10. Quidco It

This is the first ever app that let's you get paid to check in. Seriously! Just use the Quidco app whenever you visit a store and you can save yourself £100s with personalised offers and deals on the go. You can find paid check in deals, instore cashback offers, voucher codes, all this local to you. An awesome app!

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  • Sarah M.
    OOOOH I love all of these and have indeed saved more than a few pounds using the power of Red Laser. I'm also a fan of any app that will do away with 0870 numbers, I hardly use my landline phone anymore and resent having to pay over the odds when I use my mobile to call those numbers. Especially when I have 20 hours of free calls to play with each month! But now I'm in trouble, and it's all YOUR fault Tamsin, I've just downloaded VoucherCloud onto my iPhone and discovered LOADS of places offering discounts in my area and I find myself wanting to take advantage of them all - it could cost me a fortune ;-) Seriously though, a brilliant idea if you're looking for something specific whether it be dinner deals, travel, hotel stays or, in fact, pretty much anything. I could go to The Slug and Lettuce for dinner tonight and get 25% off my food bill; awesome! :D
  • Sarah M.
    £9.50 for any pizza of any size at Perfect Pizza 6.01 miles away from my house!!!! The teenagers love you! :D
  • Ling D.
    Has anyone else managed to download Green Mileage? The QR code on the link does not work and I cannot find it in the Android Apps store... it sounds great...

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