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The way we smell is so important to us, to our image and our self esteem. Every woman I know has a signature scent, that one perfume that is always associated with her, and smells so wonderfully fresh on her skin. So when Yardley got in touch to tell me about their three lush fragrances that were designed to suit different types of women, I had to see if they were telling the truth.

Our mum panel is vast and varied so it wasn’t too hard to uncover three different types of mum for this review. The first is the Traditional Mum with Yardley English Lavender, the second is the Yummy Mummy with Yardley English Rose and finally there’s the Posh Mum with Yardley Lily of the Valley.

Did the ladies I chose suit these categories, absolutely. Did they like the way that these  Eau de Toilette’s made them smell? Let’s find out...

The Traditional Mum – Yardley English Lavender Eau de Toilette

Lornamead Images reactive brands 351For this review we contacted a lovely mum by the name of Kelly. Initially we weren’t quite sure what defined a “traditional” mum but we finally agreed that this was someone who liked the old favourites, who enjoyed doing some of the more traditional mum activities and who had a wonderfully down to earth personality. Kelly fit the bill perfectly.

My first impression was a good one,” she said, “The appearance and packaging were reassuringly traditional and classic. The smell is gorgeous, completely natural. There is nothing synthetic about it at all.”

Kelly went on to say that when she wore it she found that it was refreshing and uplifting and she was really impressed with the product overall. We asked her how often she would use it now that she’s been introduced to it.

It’s the kind of perfume you’d spritz on without having to think about it,” said Kelly, “It’s not a knock them dead, going out fragrance, just a nice clean, traditional smell.”

Lavender is always associated with old ladies – not so,” she said, “This is just so quintessentially British and delightfully old fashioned that it should be a staple on everyone’s dressing table. It’s also lovely for spritzing in your underwear drawer and linen cupboard.”

The Eau de Toilette retails for £12.95 so it isn’t very expensive at all and Kelly felt that it was good value for money.  She clearly loved the smell and is getting her money’s worth so if you’re a fan of Lavender then this could well be a stunning choice.

The Yummy Mummy – Yardley English Rose Eau de Toilette

Yardley English Rose EDTOur Yummy Mummy wasn't hard to find. She's a dashing doctor with brains and beauty who always looks good and still manages to juggle kids and a career. After we finished hating her we realised that Jo was kind of perfect for our Yummy Mummy category.

The packaging is simple and elegant,” said Jo, “The fragrance is initially very bold but after a while it did mellow and become far subtler.”

Jo wasn’t a huge fan of the smell and didn’t really feel that this was something she would consider using herself.

This is not really a product for my age I think,” she said, “It would probably be more suited to a classical lady in her sixties.”

This was a very interesting response as many of the ladies thought that it would be the lavender that had an ‘older’ smell, but it was the English Rose that actually felt a bit more dated. Overall Jo felt that she may buy this for an aunt or older member of her family but not for herself.

This doesn’t mean this isn’t a luscious scent, but rather that it wasn’t quite what Jo felt suited her specifically. For £12.95 a bottle, perhaps give this a sniff when you next pass by the Yardley counter, because it may well be perfect for you.

The Posh Mum – Yardley Lily of the Valley Eau de Toilette

L1-webOur Posh Mum, Amanda, is not quite how you would traditionally define ‘posh’ but she certainly does exude an effortless grace and style. She may not have gone to Eton but she does roll her vowels a tad, she may not have a butler but she does like a tidy home. These, we felt, were good enough qualifications for us.

I rather liked this packaging,” she said, “The bottle sits discreetly on my dresser without clashing with any of my decor. I do hate having to hide my perfumes all the time, so this is quite an advantage in my books.”

Amanda is very fussy when it comes to her perfumes so it was a bit of a scary moment when she finally opened up the packaging and squirted some scent onto her wrists.

Initially the smell horrified me,” said Amanada, “It was overpowering and a little unpleasant. It felt like it was scratching the back of my nose. However, as the day wore on the smell completely changed and evolved into this really subtle and evocative scent.”

When asked if she would use it again, Amanda said, “Yes, I think that, for me, the initial wait is worth the follow-on scent.”

Also selling for £12.95, the Lily of the Valley was considered to be the most dramatic scent of the three. We did spray it on several other mums (that may or may not have been considered posh) and overall nobody liked the top note but everybody loved the quiet follow-on scent a few hours later.

And Finally

Three classic scents, three different personality types and one overall result – positive. On the whole our mums felt that this Yardley range was classic and stylish. While these particular scents may not be your usual cup of tea, give them a try as you may find that they are not just the domain of the little old lady.


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