Nivea Visage Tinted Moisturising Day Cream Review

2 June 2011


You may think it a bit odd that I have dedicated an entire review to Nivea Visage tinted moisturising day cream but, let me tell you, this stuff is a scruffy mummy’s dream come true. Unlike many of those wonderfully glossy mums I see on the school run, I am the one who forgot to brush her hair or wearing jeans, again.

I also never have time to put on make-up and so wander around terrifying the locals with my bare skin. When a friend’s teenager left a bottle of Nivea Visage tinted moisturiser behind I assumed it was just a normal bottle. Imagine my surprise when I squirted some out and found it was the same colour as foundation?

I applied it. Wow. Not only does it moisturise my skin, an excellent add-on after I’ve applied one of my serums, but it covers up the wrinkles and spots perfectly. Thanks to the fact that it is a moisturiser too, there are none of those dry bits on my skin. You know the ones, those patches that appear after you’ve painstakingly applied foundation over your day cream? I hate those.

The other huge plus in its favour is that you can slap this on, fast. You don’t need to carefully blend it and shade it. Just pop it onto your skin after your base moisturiser and you have pretty flawless skin. It isn’t the same level that you would get with proper foundation, of course, but it is enough for me.

The Nivea Visage tinted moisturising cream is only £4.07 (although you can nab it in the Boots 3 for 2 sale), works on all skin types (mine is fair), and is the ultimate easy on and looking good cream for mums.

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